Nestle Nido vs Enfagrow

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We know that milk is important for our children especially when they are still young. Children should drink milk for the calcium since the calcium in milk is the easiest to absorb rather than from vegetable foods and it also contains good protein. In today Nestle Nido vs Enfagrow article, we are going to compare these two brands of toddler milk to give you more information regarding what you can expect from them. If you are interested to pick one or both of them, check our article below.

In this article we are going to give you information about: – Why Milk is Important for Children – What are Nestle Nido and Enfagrow – What Nestle Nido and Enfagrow are made of – Nestle Nido vs Enfagrow

Milk for Toddler Milk is a very popular source of nutrition in the world and since it contains many beneficial nutrition, young people especially infant and children are recommended to consume it regularly, so they can grow healthily and stronger. Milk is high in calcium, which is obviously good for growing bones and teeth. It also contains fat and protein to give your children the energy and growth. Milk has vitamin A in the fat and B group of vitamins, so plain milk is good for toddler above 1 year.

If you have a children above 1 year, it is recommended to take at least 1 and half serves of dairy or 250 ml milk or calcium fortified milk. They may also consume 200g of yogurt or custard and 40 g of cheese to fulfill this requirement. The amount can be increased up to 2 glass of milk, but should not exceed the number because they may end up not eating anything else and makes meal time difficult especially for those picky eaters. Read also: Similac Toddler vs Whole Milk here.

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Generally, toddlers should have full cream milk that contains 4% fat or whole fat milk. For those who are not familiar with the difference between milk, whole milk or full cream milk is just regular milk that stay the way it is like when comes from the cow without following skimming process to reduce the fat. Besides giving them regular milk, you may also pick milk that especially designed/fortified for toddlers like Nestle Nido and Enfagrow.

About Nestle Nido Nestle Nido is the company brand of toddler powdered milk. The brand claims their milk are designed to provide nutrition for every stage of your children’s development containing vitamin and minerals as well as protein to support their overall growth. Giving this kind of milk is important when you try introducing different foods to your children since we know they may not welcoming it very well sometimes, so when this case is happening, your children will still get enough nutrition from the milk.

Nido itself offer a variety of powdered milk namely Nido 1+, which is the brand’s flagship; Nido Lacto-Ease, which is the gentler formula for children with lactose sensitivity, Nido 3+ for children above 3 years or preschool kids, and the last is Fortificada, which is regular whole milk powder for above 4 years and the whole family. As it has been mentioned earlier, using toddler formula is a good choice if your baby is having difficulty accepting food, so to make it tastier, the Nido 1+ is coming in honey flavor.

Nestle Nido Ingredients Since Nido 1+ is regular milk, which means it is used for toddler with no feeding issue or sensitivity against any components in cow’s milk like the protein or lactose, the ingredients used here are also all common ingredients. Serving size is 34 g with 8 fl oz. water and contains 160 calories. The ingredients are nonfat milk or skimmed milk for the protein source, vegetable oils from corn, canola, and palm for the fat source while carbohydrate are taken from maltodextrin, sugar, and lactose.

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About Enfagrow Another brand that you can reach for a toddler milk is Enfagrow, which is a part of Enfamil brand but instead designed for infant, this one is used for children above 9 months to their first 3 years. Just like many other toddler milk brands out there, this one also claimed to be fortified with another nutrients to help your children grow healthily and strong. The brand itself boast their DHA and Iron as well as numerous other nutrients in their milk.

The product line comes in numerous milk under the Enfagrow name, such as milk for fussiness and gas, soy based milk, milk for moderate cow milk allergy to elemental milk that made from amino acids. However, the line flagship is the Premium Toddler Next Step, which contains DHA, Iron, Calcium, Vitamin D, zinc and 19 other nutrients as well as the company Natural Defense Dual Prebiotic Blend to support your children digestive health. For those who are against GMO, you can feed your kids with ease for this milk is made with non GMO ingredients.

Enfagrow Ingredients In the ingredients itself, Enfagrow is very similar to other toddler milk with a very common ingredients, such as nonfat milk for the source of protein and since the fat is removed from the milk, they used a mix of vegetable oils like palm olein, coconut oil, soy oil, and high oleic sunflower oil. As for the carbohydrate itself, in addition of lactose from the milk, they also add corn syrup solids. The serving size is 36 g to give 160 calories.

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Comparison Now, let’s compare Nestle Nido with Engafrow. Both of them are very similar since they are designed for the same purpose but also a bit different. Their difference is in the carbohydrate source since Nido is using 3 source of carbohydrate; sugar, maltodextrin, and additional lactose while Enfagrow only use corn syrup solids. Another difference is Enfagrow contains DHA and added with prebiotics to support your children brain growth and digestive system respectively, which not present in Nestle Nido.

Nestle Nido vs Enfagrow

Nestle NidoEnfagrow – Used corn maltodextrin and sugar- Used corn syrup solids- May be made with GMO related ingredients- Made with non-GMO ingredients – Not fortified with DHA and prebiotic- Fortified with DHA and prebiotic

Conclusion All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are equally a good choice and even though they do have some difference, the impact may not prominent that will affect your children in the future. Our recommendation is to pick whichever more convenient for you as the parents but if you want the better among these two we will recommend you Enfagrow for it is fortified with DHA and made with non-GMO ingredients.

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